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  • Perfect Spring Flowers

    Posted on April 23, 2015 by in Articles

    Spring is an excellent time to freshen up your flower beds. The warm days and cool nights are perfect for planting stunning selections of flowers that will make your garden look like a pro planted it.

    Some preparation is needed before planting flowers. Spade or till your beds at least a few weeks before planting, and work several inches of organic matter, like peat moss or composted cow manure, into the soil.

    For beds and borders, mass plantings of one or two flower varieties provide the best show. Make sure you buy healthy plants, and remember they don’t have to have blooms at planting time. In your local garden center, look for wax begonias, angelonias, impatiens, zinnias, and periwinkle.


    Begonias are a commonly used bedding plant that can provide striking color in the landscape throughout the year. In the landscape, bushy, fibrous-rooted wax begonias are most popular. Wax begonias are tender to the cold, so should be planted in the spring, after the danger of frost has passed. Their pink, white, or red flowers have rich color, even during the summer.

    Begonias can be used in mass plantings, or they can be mixed with other annuals. They thrive in light, well-drained soil with lots of organic matter. Plant them as soon as possible after purchase.

    Angelonia is a wonderful plant that copes well with heat and flowers throughout the season, making it a great choice for flower beds and containers in the Florida summer garden.

    Often called “summer snapdragon,” angelonia produces numerous snapdragon-like flowers that come in white, pink, lavender, or purple, depending on the cultivar. Angelonia also makes a good cut flower, lasting for a long time and producing a pleasant grape-soda scent.



    Impatiens are one of the most popular bedding plants across the nation, and Florida is no exception. These cheerful, easy-to-grow annuals have bright red, orange, pink, or white flowers that attract



    Traditionally, periwinkles in Florida have suffered from several disease problems. But periwinkles in the new Cora™ and Nirvana™ series offer increased disease resistance over the older varieties. If given proper care, they’ll flower throughout the summer with beautiful blooms in apricot, burgundy, pink, lavender, violet, or white.

    Plant your periwinkles where they’ll receive full sun, either in ground or in a container. Once established, water these Florida-Friendly plants only as needed.



    Reference: for more information follow the link to the UF gardening page.

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