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  • Preparing for Spring

    Posted on March 23, 2015 by in Articles

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    With a change of season comes a change of climate and most people begin to think about their landscape once they feel the cool breeze of spring. During winter is difficult to work or rearrange the landscape due to low temperatures and the risk of damage to plants. If redesigning your landscape is something you would like to do this spring here are some tips from Fresh Home that could help you prepare:

    1.)  Know your climate: Before going out and investing in different plants, you should know your climate. Florida’s humid and close to tropical weather is almost year round except for those few weeks of winter with temperatures close to or below zero degrees. Chose plants that are appropriate for the weather, level of shade, sun, and rain according to your location.

    2.) Do your research beforehand: Before setting out to redesign or create a beautiful landscape, make sure you have planned how you will accomplish your project. Will you hire a professional to complete your project? or will you do it all yourself? Know how much material (mulch, sand, soil, fertilizer, etc. ) you will need before you begin.

    3.) Know what local ‘pests’ are in your neighborhood: While you may think that all of you have to plan for is sun and water for your landscaping, think again – pests such as wildlife, insects, and stray animals can wreak havoc on your landscaping. Plan in advance if you will need fencing, wire mesh, or possibly planting natural plants that help ward off pests.

    4.) Plant landscaping at the suggested time of year: While you may be excited to plant your fruit trees and flowering shrubs, many plants will thrive better for years to come if you plant them at the suggested times of year. Find out information or ask a professional about the right time to plant and get better results from your garden.

    5.) Plan for growth: When choosing landscaping and sizes of plants, estimate how large the plants will grow in 6 weeks, 6 months, etc… If you plant too many small shrubs in front of your living room window, and then find out they are actually small trees, you may have to dig them up soon! Most plants will have height and growth requirements on the pots when purchased from your nursery. Pay attention to these, before you plant.

    6.) Get inspired: For some, inspiration comes from looking at neighboring yards, or traveling to other areas of your town to look at landscaping. While others seek inspiration from home and garden publications and satellite television do-it-yourself programs.  Often times a stroll through your local home improvement gardening center is all the inspiration to get you motivated.

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